About Alan Pugach Barker

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and later moved to Barcelona, Spain, Alan attended both British and American schools where most of his childhood took place.

In 1995 at 8 years old, he moved to Sarasota, FL. His mother, a musician, singer, songwriter and financial advisor for her own brokerage firm and father, bass player for Horacio Fontova’s group called Fontova y Sus Sobrinos in Argentina, appearing regularly on TV and radio, Alan carries the entrepeneurial spirit inherited from his family.

Currently working with the hiphop scene and entertainment in general, finding talent, giving new and known artists opportunities and placing producers beats on major projects. He has done work with the likes of A$AP Ant, Krayzie Bone, Kid Ink, Max B, Lola Monroe, The D.O.C, etc. He’s an independent A&R and producer manager and also is the older brother of producer Nico Pugach who produced for Honey Cocaine, Kid Ink, Dizzy Wright, etc. Alan is a networking fiend and affiliated by many.


Playlist coming soon. In the meantime visit my SoundCloud.

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